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post-rock \ instrumental \ ambient

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Just an awesome Thai post-rock band.

Memories Come Rushing Up To Meet Me Now

Release Date: ??.??.2010
Bitrate: cbr ~320kbps

o1. Blue Sky
o2. Flametrees
o3. Felicity is Out There
o4. เพลงส่วนตัว
o5. Kl Streets
o6. Military Parachutes
o7. He’s Gazing You From the Black Mirror
o8. Sitting On My Chair
o9. ระฆังลม
1o. When We Talk

DOWNLOAD @ MediaFire

<====> <====> <====> <====>

Floating Down Through the Clouds

Release Date: ??.??.2008
Bitrate: vbr ~256kbps

o1. You
o2. KL Streets
o3. ระฆังลม

DOWNLOAD @ MediaFire

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